come eat and work with us

opening hours

*if you arrive before closing, or are a familiar face, you can work through the night
note: food & beverages services and technical support are not available from 22:00-07:30


1 month unlimited 1,650k
1 month (90 hours) 1,100k
1 week unlimited 660k
1 week (21 hours) 495k
1 day unlimited 110k
1 hour 44k

50% discount on packages for indonesian ktp card holders

meeting/event rooms

large room (8-20 people) – 200k per hour
small room  (2-7 people) – 100k per hour
email us with details for use of workshops and pricing for all-day events


deliveries can be accepted only on the basis of advance notice, completing a delivery consent form and payment of handling fee.
all deliveries received outside of the established process will be denied.  speak with a member of staff for more details.